Kingston Frontenacs Grad Back Home In Czech Republic

zdenek skorepa klh chomutov czech republic extraliga hockeyIt’ll take a true Kingston Frontenacs fan to remember Zdenek Skorepa. Zdenek played just one season in the Ontario Hockey League, 1995-96. He appeared in 37 games for the mediocre Frontenacs, coached by Gary Agnew, and responded with 21 goals and 39 points.

Skorepa came to the Ontario Hockey League already an NHL prospect. Zdenek was taken in the fourth round of the 1994 NHL Entry Draft by the New Jersey Devils, 103rd overall. The two seasons before playing for Kingston, he was a member of HC Litvinov of the Czech Republic’s Extraliga (the country’s elite league).

Skorepa played two seasons with New Jersey’s affiliate in the American Hockey League, the Albany River Rats. He also appeared in eight games with the IHL’s Detroit Vipers in 1997-98. In 1998-99, it was back to the Czech Republic where, with exception to a 24 game stint in Russia’s RSL in 2003-04, he has been ever since.

Until the start of the 2008-09 season, Zdenek played in the the Czech elite league with Litvinov, Slavia Praha and Trinec. This his third season with KLH Chomutov in the country’s second tier. He is currently third on the team in scoring and Chomutov sits in second place in their division.

Chomutov is a city of 51,000 (80,000 in the metro area) in the northwest corner of the Czech Republic along the border with Germany.

Check out Zdenek Skorepa’s profile page at the KLH Chomutov official website.

Zdenek Skorepa appears on the OHL Alumni Big List with over 700 other Ontario Hockey League grads.

Here is the translation into English (done using Google Translate so it’s a little rough but the idea is there):

Zdenek Skorepa Duchcov was born in Teplice and its first major step was made in hockey Litvinov. After two seasons spent in the black / yellow jersey and the junior world championships, he decided to try a style of hockey overseas. A handy center was drafted in 1994, total New Jersey Devils as the 103rd overall Chance in the first team “Devil” but never received.
Lasted three seasons in the Atlantic and tested to overseas competition such as the OHL, AHL and IHL. After these three years followed by a return back to Litvinov. 1999-1900 season began in northern Bohemia, but finished by Slavia jersey. From there followed the next year to move Trinec, where he played seven long years. You just popped in the 2003/04 season, when tried his luck in the Russian Superleague. Playing for Novokužnězku played 24 games in the regular and managed as three encounters in the playoffs.

Effect of Třinec experienced attacker and earned a nomination to the team, as he played seven games without scoring any success. After a season spent in 2007/08 jersey Steelworkers Zdenek Skorepa decided to move closer to home and signed to Chomutov. After his first season of Chomutov, experienced striker launched next year with the captain’s jersey to the teat. It remained for him this season.

How did you get into hockey, who brought you to it?

“The hockey parents brought me and I was about 5 years.”
He played some of the relatives also hockey, you are a “hockey family”?

“Yes, my brother played. When he was about 18 years old and in junior and finished. ”
What was your favorite school subject except physical education?

“I do not remember (laughs). Probably not, maybe Art. ”
They were parents and school performance satisfied?

“Yes, they were.”
Your current greatest hockey experience or success?

“About a preparatory match for New Jersey.”
Who were your mentors in his youth, or who is it now?

“When I was little, so it was definitely the players from the NHL, but strictly that I had one, it’s not.”
If you could, what would you change the rules of hockey?

“Whatever the larger goal (laughs).”
Zdenek get on with the number 55, it is about your favorite number? How did you get it?

“I got him for a long time and I got him so I got to Třinec and there was free.”
Can you imagine that you are number 55 gave up and played with?

“I’m not the superstitious kind. It would probably bother me too much. ”
How did you get to Chomutov?

“Car (laughs). It was through an agent, who was in contact with management, and successfully arranged everything. ”
You are in Chomutov happy?

“That’s me.”
How do you like as Chomutov city?

“I quite like it, because I’m here from the north, so that these cities are almost the same. Is no metropolis, but a normal town. ”
What do you like sports except hockey?


Blonde, brunette or redhead?
“I’m not picky (laughs).”
Sparta and Slavia (football)

Beer or wine?

Coffee or tea?

Car or bike?

Summer or winter?

International and Czech cuisine?

“The Czech cuisine, but I love pasta in all ways, so foreign.”

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