The Sensational Sunday Search For Sites – III

It’s Sunday again and time for some more great links from the world of hockey.

Five For Smiting – A light-hearted, yet very knowledgeable, look at the Ottawa Senators. Like the Leafs, if you start to take the annual disappointment seriously, you’re bound to go crazy. The author’s bio: Unapologetic sports fanatic, blessed with an incredibly patient wife…and my own Man Room.  If they keep a score, if there’s a winner and a loser, or if the participants stand a better than average chance of bleeding (especially that one), I’ll watch it, at least once.  Well…except for cricket.  I’ll never understand cricket.

The Goalies Archive – Everything to do with hockey’s goaltenders. The site has an extensive database of goaltenders throughout the history of pro hockey from the NHL, AHL, IHL and WHA. The site also keeps a current list of the lastest transactions involving goaltenders. – This is a great site evolving around the artistic side of hockey. The concept logos and jerseys are simply great.

The Blue Line Radio Show – The show has been halted but the archives will be posted ‘forever’ for hockey fans to listen to. The show is based in Rochester, New York but is about everything hockey and not just about the Amerks. The show may or may not return for the 2010-11 season.

On Frozen Blog – A blog focused on the Washington Capitals. A very informative and often updated site. Whether you’re a Capitals fan or not, this is a very good read.

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