Sensational Sunday Search For Sites – VI

Five more great sites this week on SSSFS. After our journey to Great Britain last week, we’re back to North American hockey this week.

Cap Geek – Everything to do with the post 2004-05 strike business aspects of the NHL. This site is has it all when it comes to news, speculation, stats, etc. involving the NHL’s salary cap.

Hockey Buzz – Great NHL news site brought to you by a committee of bloggers.

The Junior Report – Blog by Scott Rosts and Stephen Leithwood, journalists who cover the Niagara IceDogs. The site is full of info on the whole junior hockey world and a great read by a couple of Ontario Hockey League nuts that have been covering the league for a long time.

Puck Prospectus – News blog mostly evolving around the NHL. Great source.

Japer’s Rink – It seems the Washington Capitals are one of the most blogged teams in the NHL. Japer’s Rink is one of the better, if not best.

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