The Sensational Sunday Search For Sites IV

Welcome to our latest installment of SSSFS, featuring five more great sites for wide world of hockey.

Word On A Wing (Memoirs From Motown) – A great site for in-depth stats and news about the NHL’s Detroit Red Wings. In fact, they claim to have unique statistical analysis you simply won’t find anywhere else.

Broad Street Hockey (For Philadelphia Flyers Fans) – A very in-depth and interactive site about the NHL’s Philadelphia Flyers. This site is part of the SB Nation network.

The Ryan Coke Experience – This is the personal blog of Tom Collins, a Newfie born on St. Patrick’s day that doesn’t drink yet has the fortune of being named after an alcoholic drink. Follow me so far? According to his bio, he was once asked if he would consider changing his name to Ryan Coke (as in Rye and Coke) and it sort of stuck. Anyhow, the blog is not 100% hockey but there some’s great commentary and opinion that is heavily weighed in the Montreal/Ottawa direction.

The Power Play Post Show – If you’re a fan of the American Hockey League and you haven’t heard of this site, you’ve been missing out. The PPPS is ‘the only internet-based AHL talk show’ and is hosted by Bob Howard and Jason Wilcox. The show is a weekly and the site has a full archive in several audio formats. Featured guests each week are the who’s who of the AHL world.

Eishockey Blog – To broaden your view of the wide world of hockey, eventually you have to leave the comfort zone of the English language. Eishockey Blog is a German language blog based out of Basel, Switzerland. Cut and paste the articles into Google Translate for a fairly decent translation or just take a serious shot at reading it. You’ll find that with your obvious knowledge of hockey and the English language, German isn’t all that hard to decipher.

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