The Sensational Sunday Search For Sites V

In this week’s installment of SSSFS, we’re going to focus solely on what I believe is one of the major emerging markets for professional hockey. All the Don Cherry lovers out there who long for the good old days when fighting and toughness were a part of the game might want to take a look at the Elite Ice Hockey League in Great Britain. Excitement is already mounting for a game in October when a couple of OHL Alumni, Sean McMorrow of the Dundee Stars and Alex Penner of the Nottingham Panthers, will surely drop the gloves when the ice is likely still quite fresh.

British Ice Hockey – This is a site covering not just the EIHL but all of pro and semi-pro hockey in Great Britain, including the national team. This is a great source for news and stats.

Ice Fans – British Ice Hockey News And Views – A blog on the Elite Ice Hockey League (and the rest of the Great Britain hockey scene as well) run by a fan of the Manchester Phoenix. And yes, you readers from North America, the ‘ice’ in ice hockey is a necessity because hockey outside of our confines is played on a grass field with a goofy looking stick!

Blaze and Borsch – A Brit’s Ramblings About All Things Hockey – This is a personal blog by a British hockey fan who covers all things in the European world of hockey. Updates are somewhat infrequent but very detailed.

F Block Blog – This is a blog dedicated to the Hull Stingrays of the Elite Ice Hockey League. If anyone in the know can tell us what the significance of the ‘F Block’ is, let us know! This blog is just proof of the commitment of hockey fans in Great Britain to their teams even in the off season. This blog is updated as often as any Toronto Maple Leafs rag but with much less criticism and negativity!

Five Minute Major – The sub title says it all: “Unofficial, uncensored, uneducated Manchester Phoenix blog”. Manchester is currently in the English Premier League (EPL), which is a second tier to the EIHL. This is a great, entertaining read. You WILL laugh your ass off and learn it a bit about the EPL!

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2 thoughts on “The Sensational Sunday Search For Sites V

  1. Hi there, Christian here from F Block Blog. Thanks for the kind mention on your blog. Just a quick note to inform you that ‘F Block’ is a section of seating at Hull Arena where, commonly, the loudest, most vocal fans sit. And it’s also where I happen to sit.

    Sorry, this is a bit late.

    P.S Sylvain Cloutier yesterday re-signing for a third year as player-head coach!

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