Russian Hockey Language Guide

khl russian hockey league logoThe KHL is not quite up to NHL standards, but the league is young and the money is there for it to become an equal in the near future. The KHL (Continental Hockey League) in Russia is currently home to a number of Ontario Hockey League alumni and former NHL players. The 24 team league has hopes of becoming a truly continental league by expanding to other parts of Europe in the future.

The official website, found here, is available in both Russian and English. However, the individual team sites are mostly only available in Russian. This post is the second in a series of hockey language guides. The written Russian language uses a completely ‘alien’ alphabet and can be a bit intimidating to westerners. This guide consists of 40 of the most popular headings and phrases you will find on a Russian hockey website. As always, if you have knowledge of the language and find any mistakes or believe something important to a hockey website should be added, please let us know by e-mailing us or adding it into the comments at the bottom of the post.

Russian English
Новости News
Статистика Statistics
История History
Континентальной Continental
Хоккейной Hockey
Лиги League
Календарь Calendar
Дивизион Division
Конференция Conference
Результаты Results
турнирная таблица League table (standings)
Команды Teams
выиграно игр Games won
поражения Losses
арена Arena
Вратари Goalkeepers
Защитники Defencemen
Нападающие Forwards
Игрок Player
Дата рождения Date of birth
Фото Photos
Видео Video
Фотогалерея Photo gallery
Скачать Download
Форум Forum
Амплуа Position
Страна Country
Состав команды Team roster
Главный тренер Head coach
Тренер Coach
Руководство Guidelines
Предыдущий клуб Previous club
Хват клюшки Shoots (left/right)
канада Canada
россия Russia
Официальный сайт клуба Official website
Адрес Address
Вместимость Capacity (arena)
Билеты Tickets

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