John Carlin Trophy – Eastern Hockey League (EHL) Top Scorer Award

dick roberge johnstown jets ehl john carlin trophy winnerThe John Carlin Trophy was handed out each Eastern Hockey League season between 1954-55 and 1972-73 to the player with the most points during the regular season. The Johnstown Jets lead the way with their players winning six times. In 1960-61, the only tie at the top of the scoring list occurred with Ken Laufman and Dick Roberge, both of the Johnstown Jets, finished with 116 points each.

Dick Wray and Ray Adduano are the only two to win in consecutive seasons. Adduano won the trophy in three of the last four years of the EHL’s existence. Dick Roberge is the only other three time winner. Roberge’s three wins were spread over a period of ten years, all with the Johnstown Jets.

List of John Carlin Trophy Winners

Season Award Winner Team
1954-55 Herve Lalonde Baltimore Clippers
1955-56 Dick Roberge Johnstown Jets
1956-57 Al O’Hearn Charlotte Clippers
1957-58 Don Hall Johnstown Jets
1958-59 Dick Wray Clinton Comets
1959-60 Dick Wray Clinton Comets
1960-61 Ken Laufman Johnstown Jets
1960-61 Dick Roberge Johnstown Jets
1961-62 Ken Laufman Johnstown Jets
1962-63 Chuck Stuart Philadelphia Ramblers
1963-64 Don Davidson Greensboro Generals
1964-65 Dick Roberge Johnstown Jets
1965-66 Chuck Stuart Knoxville Knights
1966-67 Rosaire Paiement Jersey Devils
1967-68 Don Davidson Clinton Comets
1968-69 Reg Kent(Taschuk) Johnstown Jets
1969-70 Ray Adduono Syracuse Blazers
1970-71 Wally Sprange Nashville Dixie Flyers
1971-72 Ray Adduono Syracuse Blazers
1972-73 Ray Adduono Syracuse Blazers