IIHF World Junior Championships

The IIHF World Under-20 Hockey Championships, or the World Juniors, have been held officially since 1977. For three years previous to that, an unofficial tournament was held with the Soviet Union winning gold in each year.

Canada leads the way in the medal count with 15 golds. However, Russia/Soviet Union edges out Canada in the total medal count with 30 to Canada’s 28. In all, six countries have won gold with eight countries winning a medal.

Year Gold Silver Bronze Host
2016 Finland Russia United States Finland
2015 Canada Russia Slovakia Canada
2014 Finland Sweden Russia Sweden
2013 United States Sweden Russia Russia
2012 Sweden Russia Canada Canada
2011 Russia Canada United States United States
2010 United States Canada Sweden Canada
2009 Canada Sweden Russia Canada
2008 Canada Sweden Russia Czech Republic
2007 Canada Russia United States Sweden
2006 Canada Russia Finland Canada
2005 Canada Russia Czech Republic United States
2004 United States Canada Finland Finland
2003 Russia Canada Finland Canada
2002 Russia Canada Finland Czech Republic
2001 Czech Republic Finland Canada Russia
2000 Czech Republic Russia Canada Sweden
1999 Russia Canada Slovakia Canada
1998 Finland Russia Switzerland Finland
1997 Canada United States Russia Switzerland
1996 Canada Sweden Russia United States
1995 Canada Russia Sweden Canada
1994 Canada Sweden Russia Czech Republic
1993 Canada Sweden Czechoslovakia Sweden
1992 Soviet Union Sweden United States Germany
1991 Canada Soviet Union Czechoslovakia Canada
1990 Canada Soviet Union Czechoslovakia Finland
1989 Soviet Union Sweden Czechoslovakia United States
1988 Canada Soviet Union Finland Soviet Union
1987 Finland Czechoslovakia Sweden Czechoslovakia
1986 Soviet Union Canada United States Canada
1985 Canada Czechoslovakia Soviet Union Finland
1984 Soviet Union Finland Czechoslovakia Sweden
1983 Soviet Union Czechoslovakia Canada Soviet Union
1982 Canada Czechoslovakia Finland United States
1981 Sweden Finland Soviet Union West Germany
1980 Soviet Union Finland Sweden Finland
1979 Soviet Union Czechoslovakia Sweden Sweden
1978 Soviet Union Sweden Canada Canada
1977 Soviet Union Canada Czechoslovakia Czechoslovakia

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