How to Royally Screw Up A Hockey Article!

The other day, I was so proud of the article I published at about the six OHL players to assist on 100 or more goals in a single season. I’d done my research, compared the OHL’s 100 assist men to the three in the NHL (and one from the WHA), and thought I had a real winner. Then…

The following day, I was researching some OHL numbers for another article about the three Niagara Falls Thunder players that won the Eddie Powers Trophy during the franchise’s eight year stay in Niagara. Suddenly, a was stricken by a horrible feeling when I started to notice that I’d missed a few 100 assist men. It turns out, the count is thirteen and not six!

Now, Factoidz, and other article sites like InfoBarrel or Hubpages, are full of low-quality crap. I use them primarily to create links to this site, and others, and secondarily to make a dime (literally). Even so, I try to be 100% factually correct and bring a little class to these sites. So – needless to say, I was pretty embarrassed.

Follow this link to the original article: 6 OHL Players to Total 100 or More Assists in a Single Season. Go there and abuse me in the comments for being so blatantly wrong! At least I’ll make $.0001 cents for you viewing the article…

Here’s the full list of 100 assist OHL seasons:

Year Player Team Assists
1977-78 Bobby Smith Ottawa 67’s 123
1975-76 Mike Kaszycki Sault Ste. Marie Greyhounds 119
1977-78 Wayne Gretzky Sault Ste. Marie Greyhounds 112
1980-81 John Goodwin Sault Ste. Marie Greyhounds 110
1988-89 Bryan Fogarty Niagara Falls Thunder 108
1982-83 Doug Gilmour Cornwall Royals 107
1974-75 Tim Young Ottawa 67’s 107
1987-88 Andrew Cassels Ottawa 67’s 103
1994-95 Bill Bowler Windsor Spitfires 102
1979-80 Jim Fox Ottawa 67’s 101
1992-93 Andrew Brunette Owen Sound Platers 100
1991-92 Brett Seguin Ottawa 67’s 100
1983-84 Tim Salmon Kingston Canadians 100

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