5 Somewhat Acceptable Hockey Articles

For your reading pleasure, here are five hockey reads to get you through the day.

OHL Arenas: Big, Small, Old, New

Like in most spectator friendly sports leagues, a number of the teams in the Ontario Hockey League have moved into new, higher capacity and more spacious digs in recent years. However, there are still some old buildings around the league that have a certain amount of character that you just can’t find in the new arenas. (read more)

The 1983-84 Laval Voisins – Legends of the QMJHL

The 1983-84 QMJHL season was the
end of an era of sorts. The league was led by the Laval Voisins, a team that
finished the season with 54 wins and 108 points in 70 games, 25 points better
than the next best team. 1983-84 was the apex of Mario Lemieux’s junior hockey
career and the Voisins were simply an offensive nuclear bomb. (read more)

The Surpassable Individual Scoring Records of the New York Rangers

Unlike teams such as the Edmonton Oilers, Pittsburgh Penguins, Los Angeles Kings and Detroit Red Wings, the individual single-season scoring records of the New York Rangers still have a chance of being broken. (read more)

The Retired Numbers of the London Knights

The London Knights of the Ontario Hockey League have produce literally hundreds of National Hockey League players since their inception as the London Nationals for the 1965-66 season. Countless others have gone on to play professionally in the lower North American leagues (AHL, ECHL, CHL, IHL, etc.) and in Europe. Of all these players, the Knights to date have selected just five players deemed great enough to have their jersey numbers retired and raised to the rafters of the John Labatt Centre. (read more)

The Only 3 To Win Both The Kaminsky and Norris Trophies

The Max Kaminsky Trophy is handed out to the top defenseman in the Ontario Hockey League each season. The Norris Trophy accomplishes the same thing only in the National Hockey League. Since 1969-70, when the first Kaminsky Trophy was awarded to the OHL’s top blueliner, only three players have gone on to win the Norris Trophy. (read more)

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