Language Guide for Germany’s DEL

DEL Germany hockey league logoA great many of the Ontario Hockey League alumni find themselves in Europe, pursuing careers in hockey. It becomes a necessity to learn a little bit of foreign language in order to follow your favourite players as they play in non-North American countries.

This is the first in a series of hockey language guides at OHL Alumni Central, geared to help the fan of OHL grads navigate around a foreign language hockey website. Although this particular guide is specifically for Germany’s DEL, the German phrases are somewhat universal throughout the German speaking countries of Europe.

What follows is 55 common and important words to be found on official team websites throughout the DEL.

German English
Trikot Jersey
Historie History
Tabelle Standings
Spielplan Schedule
Spielberichte Game reports
Statistiken Statistics
Vorrunde Preliminary round (regular season)
Startseite Homepage
Aktuelle Current
Stadion Arena
Adler Eagles
Penguine Penguins
Kontakt Contact
Torhüter Goalkeeper
Verteidiger Defender (defenceman)
Stürmer Striker (forward)
Trainer Coach
Termine Dates (schedule)
Heute Today
Zukünftig Future
Eishockey Ice Hockey
Einzelcarte Single game ticket
Dauerkarte Season ticket
Geschichte History
Die Löwen The Lions
Spielerarchiv Player history
Nordamerika North America
Haie Sharks
Eisbären Polar Bears
Bildergalerien Galleries (photos)
Meine Meinung My opinion
Helm Helmut
Ergebnisse Results
Penaltyschießen  Penalty shots (shootout)
Mannschaft Team
Spieler Wechsel Player exchange (trades)
Zuschauer Spectators
Offizielle Spielregeln Official game rules
Schiedsrichter Referee
Spielervermittler Player agents
Saison Season  
Deutschland Germany
Größe Height
Gewichte Weight
Alter Age
Pressespiegel Press
Maskottchen Mascots
Tippspiel Bet (wager)
Anmeldung Register
Nummer Number
Letzter Verein Last Club
Nationalität Nationality
Schusshand Shooting hand
Geburtsdatum Date of birth
Links / Rechts Left / Right

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