Former OHLer, Derek Campbell, Begins Play in Australia’s AIHL

derek campbell coventy blaze
Derek Campbell with the Coventy Blaze of the EIHL.

Derek Campbell played in the Ontario Hockey League for four years from 1997-98 to 2000-01. His first two seasons were spent in Belleville with the Bulls, his third with the Owen Sound Platers and his fourth with the Kingston Frontenacs. He was part of a Belleville Bull team that would win the Robertson Cup in 1998-99 and make an appearance at the Memorial Cup.

Derek went the university route after his OHL career was over, playing three seasons with St. Thomas University. He played sparingly with 5 different teams in three different North American leagues in 2004-05 and 2005-06. He found his place in Great Britain’s EIHL in 2006-07 and has been in the league since.

His first season in the EIHL was played with Manchester Phoenix followed by two seasons with the Newcastle Vipers. This past season was spent with the Coventry Blaze. Derek has brought a great deal of offence to the league as well as a high degree of toughness. He was a big part of the Blaze being league champions this season.

Derek has signed on to play out our summer in Australia with the Sydney Ice Dogs of the AIHL. Derek puts the Ice Dogs into instant contender status and is potentially the man who can crack the scoring records set last season by fellow OHL alumnus, Brad Smulders.

What Derek also brings to the AIHL in general, is another piece in the credibility puzzle. The teams in the AIHL are only allowed to dress four imports per game. With the quality of those imports getting better and better each season, it will help to bring up the quality of the local talent.

The official website of the Sydney Ice Dogs can be found here.

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