Czech Hockey Language Guide

czech republic logoThe Czech Republic’s version of an elite hockey league is at the higher end of the European leagues. Numerous former NHLers can be found in the league as well as the odd Ontario Hockey League grad. The league and its 14 teams are well represented on the Internet but only in Czech and not in English. The best website to get started from is the Czech Hockey main site found here.

The following guide will not make you proficient in the language by any means! But, it will help you navigate around a Czech hockey website.

As usual, if you find any mistakes below or any key words that you believe should be added, please don’t hesitate to add that info to the comments on this post.

Czech English
Věk Age
Areně Arena
Články Articles (news)
Asistence Assists
útočník Attacker (forward)
Návštěvnost Attendance
Trestné minuty  Crime minutes (PIM)
Obránce Defender
Rozlosování Drawings (game results)
Remíz Draws (ties)
Zápasy Game schedule
Zápasů Games
Brankáři Goalkeepers
Góly Goals
Hosté Guests (away team)
Výška Height
Historie History
Domácí Home team
Lední hokej Ice hockey
Číslo dresu Jersey number
Proher Losses
Jméno Name
Hráč Player 
Hráči Players
Bodů Points
Post Position
Výsledky Results
Rozměr kluziště Rink dimensions
Soupiska Roster
Kolo Round (1st, 2nd, 3rd round, etc.)
Sezony Season
Sezonní karty Seasons tickets
Statistiky Statistics
Hůl Stick (shoots)
Tabulky Tables (standings)
Tým Team
Kluby Teams
Vstupenky Tickets
Váha Weight
Výher Wins

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