2012 Express Profile eBook (PDF)

Back in September, 2012, we started publishing ‘Express Profiles’ on the odd numbered days of the month. This new format was a great way to get current info on more OHL grads out there in a ‘just the facts’ style. It was a tough decision for new content and was nearly scrapped on more than one occasion. Because the word count of each post, or article, had a very low word count, Google more than likely would not index them. This means that the Express Profiles would more than likely not be found by hockey fans searching for info on a particular player.

However, according to the numbers, it seemed that people were taking a look at the Express Profiles and it appears to be a somewhat valuable resource.

We’ve compiled all the Express Profiles posted between the beginning and December 31, 2012 into a handy little eBook. The eBook is in PDF form and is free to view or download through the link at the bottom of the page. The eBook consists of 65 Express Profiles of Ontario Hockey League grads.

On each profile, the player’s current team has been updated and is accurate as of January 1, 2013. It’s the nature of the hockey world in general, but extremely excelerated due to the NHL lockout, that no position is permanent. Over the first four months, their were profiles published then the player would be moved sometimes hours later. Two teams in particular have very active generals managers: the Cincinnati Cyclones and San Francisco Bulls, both of the ECHL.

We will continue to bring you Express Profiles in the near year, along with some new features that should prove useful – most notably a weekly OHL Alumni Transaction Digest.

To view the PDF, simply click on the link below.

There are two ways to download the file:

1. Click on the link to open the PDF. Save the file.

2. Right click the link and choose ‘Save Target As’.

2012 Express Profile eBook

As with all eBook’s at OHLAC, this is absolutely free and there are no strings attached. Please, if you know someone that might be interested, pass it along.

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